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Annual Corporate Planning & Review Services

KBM can assist with the structuring, creation and participation in, an annual corporate planning session, for the client.  

As the name suggests, the objective is the defining of the plans for the company in the forthcoming year. The meeting should include key company managers who should present to the meeting their key objectives for their departments for the coming year. This should include details of the resources they will need to meet their departments objectives; personnel, material and finance. Unless there is a specific reason for including a review of the past years performance at the meeting, this should be avoided.  

The annual planning meeting should be held at the beginning of the year, with a scheduled formal quarterly review meetings, April, July and October throughtout the year.

As well as key managers, all advisory board members should attend theses meetings.

Attendance at, and possible chairing, of an annual corporate planning meetings at which there is an agenda and review process.

The Initial Planning meeting would be set for the beginning of each new year, and the agenda would cover a quick review of past years major activities, with the primary intention of the meeting to detail major corporate master plan for the coming year.

There should be a quarterly review meeting at which the CEO and other senior staff should present progress against the objectives, with any corrections to the master plan.

Budget one full day for the annual corporate planning meeting, with a planned ½ day for the quarterly review meetings. All meetings would be paid meetings, see schedule below.