About us

About Kapiti Business Mentors

KBM has been formed by a number of individuals residing on the Kapiti Coast, who have a wealth of business experience, and a desire to help Kapiti grow.

Most of the principals have all chosen to reside on the coast as it offers a more pleasant environment and life style than Wellington, but with easy access to those amenities, services and events available in Wellington, but not available on the Kapiti Coast.

With the planned improvements to the local infrastructure; new expressways and rail services, we are convinced that more people and companies will find that Kapiti not only offers a better life style, but can offer other incentives to relocation.

KBM has been formed to offer assistance to those companies who would consider relocating to the coast, and to those individuals who might be thinking of starting their company on the coast. The wealth of business experience of the participating partners covers all aspects of corporate management; experience with starting companies, growing companies, taking companies public, to the running of major New Zealand and International corporations.

KBM begins its relationahip with its clients by scheduling a “Discovery” session with the client. This enables KBM to build a client profile, and at the same time to gain a greater understanding of the client’s business. An additional benefit to both the client and KBM,  is that this approach allows for the generation of a client specific mentoring and services plan. To assist in the discovery process KBM will have the client complete a “ Corporate Information Check List” and this will form the basis of the “Discovery” session. The session will probably take approximately 2 hours and is not charged for by KBM.